Margaret Curlew, PhD, is a professional, a “mompreneur” and a real estate investor. She is a specialist in income generation and wealth building, and has mentored and contributed to the success of many individuals.

Dr. Margaret Curlew’s process of overcoming financial hardship and striving to achieve her dreams of being financially independent is outlined in her book Mom to Millionaire. By first substantiating a cause to not accept the status quo of middle-class life with now savings and little to none financial accomplishments, Curlew encourages the reader to set higher goals. She explains the first step is to track what your net worth is, take ownership of how and why you’re where you are, and create ways to change your financial situation.


I admire Curlew’s candidness. Her hopes and dreams were seemingly unattainable, but she set out to achieve them regardless. She admits that the reason she had stayed where she was financially was because of choices she made, and I find that analyzing those choices was a brilliant beginning. She admits that her fear of change and lack of taking chances kept her down.

“I took ownership of my then financial shortcomings. I blamed myself for where I was in life. It was no one else‘s fault. It was mine, and mine alone.”

 After finding and admitting her shortcomings, Curlew designed a road map to follow which includes financial planning, but also emotional and spiritual disciplines that have are imperative to improve one’s life.  She explains her system of doing just that in this book.

In her book Mom to Millionaire, Curlew lists several entrepreneur businesses that some people pursue in order to complement their income. She offers the pros and cons for each of these businesses. She also analyzes the stock market and bank certificates as a way of making money but all these systems, the ones she tried and the ones she merely researched, did not live up to her expectations.


I think most of what Curlew tells us in her book we can relate too as it probably holds true for all of us at one time or another. Her trials and errors make this book a page turner. How, then, did she finally achieve her goals?

Curlew is extremely calculating and does the math for us with charts to explain how she approached each method she either attempted or used to acquire her dream. Her language is simple and humble, clearly stated, and honest. I think a lot of people will benefit from this book. Her positive attitude is catching, and I like that she is honest in talking about her goals. Not everyone these days will just come out and say they want to be rich, even though most of us wish we had a way of being more financially independent. The best part of Mom to Millionaire, is that this intelligent and tenacious young lady fought through everything that sought to hold her back and finally tasted success. Her story should definitely help others do the same.

Dianne Gardner